Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wheatus- Teenage Dirtbag

Teenage Dirtbag was set within a school environment. We can tell because of all the mise en scene, the props include posters on the wall, a basketball net and gym equipment with all connote a high school. The high school experience and relationships were the theme to this video. This is conventional within a pop rock music videos because the lyrics are normally relatable to what's shown on screen. It is also conventional that video cuts to the band playing throughout the song.

The video cuts to the lead singer lip singing throughout the video. He is wearing casual costume because they are playing the role of a student and pop rock boy bands normally wear laid back clothing. The whole casual appearance makes the video more about the message and doesn't attract attention away from what's going on. It also make out that the music and message is the most important element and not the appearance.

All of the people and the positioning of everyone in a small area is typical of pop rock videos because it is meant to resemble a concert or rave. There is also high key lighting which makes the setting look young and fresh.

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