Thursday, 12 September 2013

BustedYear 3000

The low key lighting and blue spot light brings out the rock side a bit more however it is balanced out by the up beat rhythm. The crowd cheering along is very conventional to a pop rock song and to rock songs. The positioning of the crowd and the band gives the impression that the camera is someone amongst the crowd and we are seeing things from their point of view. It instantly makes the viewer thing they are a fan looking up at them performing.

The song has an old gaming theme with arcade references and cartoons throughout. This links to the lyrics because they are singing about the future so they are showing cartoons of what they think it is going to be like in the future compared to life in that year. The arcade games make Busted look fun and retro.

Like all the games and cartoons, the setting of the bedroom makes the band relatable to the viewer and the viewer may see a bit of themselves within the band. This is because the band are in a mundane environment that anyone could be in. They don't look like big stars, they just look like normal people rocking out in their bedrooms. The instruments and high key lighting are very conventional to a pop rock music video. The scruffy hairstyles fit in well with the careless clothes they are wearing.

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