Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Construction Post 5

This is a GIF made from screen captures of the band performance footage. We tried to get some dynamic and interesting camera shots, angles and movements. We did a couple of static shots with the tripod however the rest of the footage was all hand-held so we could all some energy to the video and also make our performance look more energetic. With fast paced editing, I think the camera movements will match the rock vibe and go well with the chorus of the song. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Construction Post 4

We filmed these shots at Lindsay's house. We wanted to show the difference between the past and present within our music video and show how the relationship between the girls have deteriorated. The shot above shows the strong, happy relationship of the girls and the shot below shows how they have drifted apart. We have shown this through our boy language and facial expressions as well as through costume and lighting. We will show the change of time by dissolving the first shot into the other gradually, therefore creating a graphic match.

Construction Post 3

These are screen captures of Lindsay and I performing in front of the green screen. We broke the third wall by looking into the camera and making a connection with the audience. We had to put up the green screen and set up the camera and lights in the right positions so that there were no shadows.

We chose to have shots of Lindsay and I together as well as separately to vary the shots and to match the parts of the song where we sing together and on our own.  

Construction Post 2

Construction Post 1

We ended up with around 200 photos for our animation which showed a sequence of what appeared like a tattoo growing up my arm. We achieved this by laying down black card, setting up the camera in a stationary position on the tripod and adding bits of paint on my arm at a time while photographing each stage. However once we uploaded, adjusted and exported as a movie, we realised some problems had occurred. For example the lighting differed from shot to shot and my arm wasn't completely still throughout. The biggest error though, was that the pattern drifted off out of the shot throughout the sequence. Also, towards the end, the pattern grew towards the camera which is not what we intended to do when we begun. We only did this to try and fill the frame a bit more because the pattern drifted off.

We are going to re-shoot this so that the tattoo design only grows away from the camera and towards the hand, the lighting doesn't change as much, the arm position doesn't move as much and the tattoo design fills the arm in the right place. To do this we are going to:

- Position two cameras on tripods in two different positions so we get different angles and have covered all areas.
- Get a lamp to shine on my arm so there will be minimum light change between photos.
- Some support for my arm so that it will be easier to keep still.
- Cover a wider area of my arm with the tattoo design and only photographing it growing one way.

Talent release Form

This is the talent release form which I had to sign to give permission to be used in my music video. 

Location Permission Letters

My group asked for permission to film in public areas, above is a screenshot of our enquires. 

Photo-shoot Plan

Here is the photo-shoot plan my group and I put together to break down when, where and what we are going to shoot and what props and costume we will need.