Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Track Permission Letter

Here is the track permission letter to ask for permission to use the track 'Did Ya Think' by 'The Veronicas' for our music video. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Album Cover Designs

Here are my designs for the album cover, I've incorporated patterns and a clear relationship between the girls. I've used colours like red and dark purple because it matches the pop rock genre. 

Shooting Schedule

This is the shooting scheduled my group and I put together to establish when, where, how and what we are going to film. It helps us because it states the equipment, props and costume we need, what shot numbers we are going to film and who we need. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Props and costume

Here are some pictures and notes of the props and costume I will need for my music video. I chose the black leather, studs and converse shoes because it fits the pop rock genre well especially bright accessories with dark clothing. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Test Shots

This is a stop motion of a tattoo growing up my arm to signify change and growth. I want to incorporate this into my music video so my group tested it out on my arm and did a mini version to get an idea of what the actual outcome would look like. Doing this also gave us an idea of what angles we should be taking the photos from. 


This is the living room which we are going to film some of the narrative. The girls will be watching TV then the shot will fade into an older, changed version of themselves watching TV. This is a good location for this part of the narrative because we can control the light within the room which is important because the second shot is going to have a darker look.

We are going to film some rain shots in the garden in front of the fence by setting the hose to a fine spray and letting it fall down on us while we lip sync. 

We are going to film more narrative here and have the same fade transition between shots. We chose this location because it is a casual place where friends may go for a walk and we can show how their relationship is changing.  

Our final narrative shot will be filmed here, next to the pond near Morden station. Again, it is a casual place and would link nicely to the previous narrative shot. 


This is the animatic explaining what my group is going to produce for our music video. We took pictures of our story boards and timed it correctly to show what our music video would look like.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Audience research

I asked a group of people (which are the target audience for our pop rock music video) what they would expect to see in a pop rock music video, what costume they would expect to see and what they like best about pop rock music videos overall. Then I put it together in this video as an easy way to view the information obtained.

This is the questionnaire me and my group made and handed out to a group of people.