Friday, 17 January 2014


This is how we are creating the advertisement in Photoshop. We originally took a photo of me and Lindsay and are layering triangles on top to create an abstract effect. We are shading each triangle in a slightly different colour to give a sense of depth.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Rain Shots

To create the rain senario, we had to get a hose and press down on the end so it created a spray like result. We shot this in Lindsay's back garden so we could use the hose without any problems. The camera had to be far back so it didn't get wet, therefore we had to zoom in. We figured that we were only going to use this footage in the chorus of the song so we only sung through the chorus which helped due to the difficulty of these shots. 

We sung the chorus a number of times and each time we adjusted the camera so that we had a variety of shots.

Here are some clips from the rain shots we took. These are some of the ones that didn't work out so well, however they are good to see what was involved. It was challenging due to the cold weather conditions and also we had to prevent the equipment getting wet from the hose.

Photo Frame Editing

This clip involved a piece of green paper within the photo frame so we could later on edit and place a clip within the photo frame. This was the editing process:

1) Place clip in the timeline (work area)
2) Cut out unwanted parts
3) Go to 'Video Effects' - 'Ultra Key' then drag it onto selected clip
4) Click on the clip which has the ultra key on it 
5) Go to 'Effect Controls' - 'Ultra Key' - then click on the pipette symbol to then click on the green card within the frame. This makes all the green colour turn into other footage.