Friday, 6 December 2013

Construction Post 6

This is a slideshare explaining some of the basic elements to editing in Premiere Pro such as adding transitions and trying different things out with the green screen.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Construction Post 5

This is a GIF made from screen captures of the band performance footage. We tried to get some dynamic and interesting camera shots, angles and movements. We did a couple of static shots with the tripod however the rest of the footage was all hand-held so we could all some energy to the video and also make our performance look more energetic. With fast paced editing, I think the camera movements will match the rock vibe and go well with the chorus of the song. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Construction Post 4

We filmed these shots at Lindsay's house. We wanted to show the difference between the past and present within our music video and show how the relationship between the girls have deteriorated. The shot above shows the strong, happy relationship of the girls and the shot below shows how they have drifted apart. We have shown this through our boy language and facial expressions as well as through costume and lighting. We will show the change of time by dissolving the first shot into the other gradually, therefore creating a graphic match.

Construction Post 3

These are screen captures of Lindsay and I performing in front of the green screen. We broke the third wall by looking into the camera and making a connection with the audience. We had to put up the green screen and set up the camera and lights in the right positions so that there were no shadows.

We chose to have shots of Lindsay and I together as well as separately to vary the shots and to match the parts of the song where we sing together and on our own.  

Construction Post 2

Construction Post 1

We ended up with around 200 photos for our animation which showed a sequence of what appeared like a tattoo growing up my arm. We achieved this by laying down black card, setting up the camera in a stationary position on the tripod and adding bits of paint on my arm at a time while photographing each stage. However once we uploaded, adjusted and exported as a movie, we realised some problems had occurred. For example the lighting differed from shot to shot and my arm wasn't completely still throughout. The biggest error though, was that the pattern drifted off out of the shot throughout the sequence. Also, towards the end, the pattern grew towards the camera which is not what we intended to do when we begun. We only did this to try and fill the frame a bit more because the pattern drifted off.

We are going to re-shoot this so that the tattoo design only grows away from the camera and towards the hand, the lighting doesn't change as much, the arm position doesn't move as much and the tattoo design fills the arm in the right place. To do this we are going to:

- Position two cameras on tripods in two different positions so we get different angles and have covered all areas.
- Get a lamp to shine on my arm so there will be minimum light change between photos.
- Some support for my arm so that it will be easier to keep still.
- Cover a wider area of my arm with the tattoo design and only photographing it growing one way.

Talent release Form

This is the talent release form which I had to sign to give permission to be used in my music video. 

Location Permission Letters

My group asked for permission to film in public areas, above is a screenshot of our enquires. 

Photo-shoot Plan

Here is the photo-shoot plan my group and I put together to break down when, where and what we are going to shoot and what props and costume we will need. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Track Permission Letter

Here is the track permission letter to ask for permission to use the track 'Did Ya Think' by 'The Veronicas' for our music video. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Album Cover Designs

Here are my designs for the album cover, I've incorporated patterns and a clear relationship between the girls. I've used colours like red and dark purple because it matches the pop rock genre. 

Shooting Schedule

This is the shooting scheduled my group and I put together to establish when, where, how and what we are going to film. It helps us because it states the equipment, props and costume we need, what shot numbers we are going to film and who we need. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Props and costume

Here are some pictures and notes of the props and costume I will need for my music video. I chose the black leather, studs and converse shoes because it fits the pop rock genre well especially bright accessories with dark clothing. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Test Shots

This is a stop motion of a tattoo growing up my arm to signify change and growth. I want to incorporate this into my music video so my group tested it out on my arm and did a mini version to get an idea of what the actual outcome would look like. Doing this also gave us an idea of what angles we should be taking the photos from. 


This is the living room which we are going to film some of the narrative. The girls will be watching TV then the shot will fade into an older, changed version of themselves watching TV. This is a good location for this part of the narrative because we can control the light within the room which is important because the second shot is going to have a darker look.

We are going to film some rain shots in the garden in front of the fence by setting the hose to a fine spray and letting it fall down on us while we lip sync. 

We are going to film more narrative here and have the same fade transition between shots. We chose this location because it is a casual place where friends may go for a walk and we can show how their relationship is changing.  

Our final narrative shot will be filmed here, next to the pond near Morden station. Again, it is a casual place and would link nicely to the previous narrative shot. 


This is the animatic explaining what my group is going to produce for our music video. We took pictures of our story boards and timed it correctly to show what our music video would look like.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Audience research

I asked a group of people (which are the target audience for our pop rock music video) what they would expect to see in a pop rock music video, what costume they would expect to see and what they like best about pop rock music videos overall. Then I put it together in this video as an easy way to view the information obtained.

This is the questionnaire me and my group made and handed out to a group of people.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Image Annotation

Below is a list that will make up the costume of our artist. This explains how I will represent and display the artist:

- Studded leggings or skinny jeans.
- Converse shoes 
- Leather jacket
- Colourful badges 
- Dark, heavy eye make-up
- Lots of jewelry/ bangles
- Glow sticks 
- Colourful streaks of hair 
- Body art 

I have chosen an image like this because it supports the pop rock genre because it is creative and expressive as well as dark and rebellious. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lyrics annotation

We have gone into more depth and really thought about what the songs hidden meaning is and how we can show this. My group has annotated the lyrics to understand the song on a whole other level, really thinking about the words and verses. 

Song Details

Here i have displayed some key points to why my group has chosen the pop rock song we did. I have considered the theme, mood, atmosphere and meaning to the song.


Here is a GIF to show what roles will be given to which member of the group. Some roles will be shared within the group and every member has been assigned 3 main tasks.

I will be responsible for the editing, directing and performing in the music video.

Lewis McNally will be performing in the music video, is in charge of the lighting and will be responsible for camera work.

Lindsay Brophy will be responsible for mise en scene, sound and performing in the music video.

Ben Stokes is responsible for editing, sound and performing in the music video. 

Initial Ideas

This is a poster i made which displays my groups initial ideas for our music video. The following areas were discussed: why we chose pop rock as our genre, costume, accessories, song choice, location and roles.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Analysis of Questionnaire results

I put together some vox pops within a video in addition to our questionnaire to show what our audience would expect from a pop rock music video, what clothing they would expect to see and what their favourite element of a pop rock music video is. We asked many people these questions so we heard from different points of view and gathered more information.

Based on the audience research, I have come to the conclusion that I will incorporate the following into my music video:
- A mixture of boys and girls
- The whole band playing while the singers lip sync
- Black clothing such as skinny black jeans and a leather jacket
- Bright accessories
- A lively atmosphere
as this is what the target audience expect and want to see in a pop rock music video.

What the target audience liked best about pop rock music videos was the fact that it is expressive with the fats pace editing, different camera movements, shot types and how it gives an impression of rebelling. I would like to include these methods to help express a rebellious attitude in my video.

Below are the results from the questionnaire:

There were slightly more females than males that completed our questionnaires.  

The majority of the females that filled out the questionnaire were aged between 16-24.
The majority of males which took the questionnaire were aged between 16-24 also.

Out of everyone who filled out the questionnaire I selected all the people who said their favourite genre of music was pop rock, this also may prove that pop rock music is popular with young people since most people surveyed were young. I then looked at how they consumed music. YouTube and Spotify proved to be very popular with pop rock fans. The other most popular way they consume music is to buy it online. This also may be saying that pop rock music is popular with young people

I chose to display this information because the internet proved to be popular in the previous result. This is a chance to find out what magazine or website these pop rock fans use. This will help my research because I will then know which is most popular with pop rock fans and where is best to advertise. This pie chart records all the magazines and websites that pop rock fans use and I can see which ones got mentioned quite a lot. Super City was most popular followed by YouTube which are both websites, therefore we can already tell that the internet is used more than magazines by the pop rock fans. However the magazines mentioned, such as Bliss and People magazine are all for young audiences which makes sense since we've already established the majority of people surveyed were young. 

The internet has been proven to be the most popular overall when it comes to how pop rock fans consume music and how they find out about new music. The internet is also used the most by pop rock fan because pop rock is consumed by a young audience. Socialising with others was proven to be second most popular.

This is the questionnaire we gave out. It includes various questions about the audience in general, what sort of music they consume, what they thought about pop rock music, how they consume music and how they find out about new music. we also asked what music videos are their favourites so we can see what elements were popular in that video.

Monday, 16 September 2013

CD Cover Analysis

There is a pattern emerging from looking at these albums. They all have the following elements in common:
- The artists name displayed on the front cover 
- The name of the album on the front cover 
- A list of songs on the back cover 
- An image of the artist on the front and back cover 
- A spine with the name of the artist and album on it 
All of the albums promote the artist and support their genre. This is done through the use of costume, positioning of the artist, lighting, mise en scene, facial expressions and body language.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Pop Rock record Labels

Sub Pop is a record company that specializes in these Label Genres, Indie Rock, Alternative and Punk Rock.

Sub Pop was created in the early 1980's by Bruce Pavitt as a non-official fan magazine of Indie musicians Subterranean Pop. Sub Pop has had a long journey and throughout their journey have undergone many influential transitions to the top of the independent label scene. 

One of the top leading producers and distributors for independent rock is Sub Pop with 2 platinum and gold records from past artists. Some of the artists that are best known include Nirvana, The Postal Service and Flight of the Conchords. Some of the biggest names in indie rock still refer to Sub Pop as their home as fans and others continue hearing hit after hit.


Hopeless records have a wider label genre then Sub Pop some of them include, Alternative, Punk, Pop, Rock and even Metal.

Hopeless Records have spent the majority of their time and focus on independent punk, this means that Hopeless Records have owned this sound genre since the early 1990's when they first started. In the mid 2000's some of the greatest punk, metal and rock groups were represented by Hopeless Records. Some of the artists include; Avenged Sevenfold, We are in the crowd, All Time Low and Silverstein. These artist where responsible for bringing Hopeless to be one of the greatest Independent Labels. It is also said for them to be hitting another milestone with a collaboration with Yellowcard which is said to be incredible.

Fearless Records was formed in 1994 by Bob Becker, this label was based in California and was indie. Some say that the music industry could be a intimidating business,'but Fearless Records ain't ever scared'. 
Fearless records became the launch pad for pop punk and rock artists very quickly. Artists include: The Aquabats, At the Drive-in and Plain White T's whose single "Hey There Delilah" topped the hot 100's in 2005. Even though Fearless Records keep it real with their pop and rock bands they developed a versatile roster, which included electro rockers, post-hardcore juggernauts and metalcore troupe.

I would choose Fearless Records for my artist because they have not only expanded their musical genre, but the independent record company also release Punk compilation series where the artists of different genres create their own interpretations of current hits from the pop, acoustic and even crunk genres. Fearless records embrace different sub genres and this has made them very successful. Since I have chosen pop rock as my genre I think that Fearless Records would be the most relevant one to choose since they focus on specific sub genres such as pop rock.

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Through my analysis on various magazine advertisements, I notices basic similarities in all the music adverts. These include:
- The name of the band/artist 
- The name of there album or details about them and when they are on tour etc.
- Visual imagery 

BustedYear 3000

The low key lighting and blue spot light brings out the rock side a bit more however it is balanced out by the up beat rhythm. The crowd cheering along is very conventional to a pop rock song and to rock songs. The positioning of the crowd and the band gives the impression that the camera is someone amongst the crowd and we are seeing things from their point of view. It instantly makes the viewer thing they are a fan looking up at them performing.

The song has an old gaming theme with arcade references and cartoons throughout. This links to the lyrics because they are singing about the future so they are showing cartoons of what they think it is going to be like in the future compared to life in that year. The arcade games make Busted look fun and retro.

Like all the games and cartoons, the setting of the bedroom makes the band relatable to the viewer and the viewer may see a bit of themselves within the band. This is because the band are in a mundane environment that anyone could be in. They don't look like big stars, they just look like normal people rocking out in their bedrooms. The instruments and high key lighting are very conventional to a pop rock music video. The scruffy hairstyles fit in well with the careless clothes they are wearing.