Friday, 13 September 2013

Pop Rock record Labels

Sub Pop is a record company that specializes in these Label Genres, Indie Rock, Alternative and Punk Rock.

Sub Pop was created in the early 1980's by Bruce Pavitt as a non-official fan magazine of Indie musicians Subterranean Pop. Sub Pop has had a long journey and throughout their journey have undergone many influential transitions to the top of the independent label scene. 

One of the top leading producers and distributors for independent rock is Sub Pop with 2 platinum and gold records from past artists. Some of the artists that are best known include Nirvana, The Postal Service and Flight of the Conchords. Some of the biggest names in indie rock still refer to Sub Pop as their home as fans and others continue hearing hit after hit.


Hopeless records have a wider label genre then Sub Pop some of them include, Alternative, Punk, Pop, Rock and even Metal.

Hopeless Records have spent the majority of their time and focus on independent punk, this means that Hopeless Records have owned this sound genre since the early 1990's when they first started. In the mid 2000's some of the greatest punk, metal and rock groups were represented by Hopeless Records. Some of the artists include; Avenged Sevenfold, We are in the crowd, All Time Low and Silverstein. These artist where responsible for bringing Hopeless to be one of the greatest Independent Labels. It is also said for them to be hitting another milestone with a collaboration with Yellowcard which is said to be incredible.

Fearless Records was formed in 1994 by Bob Becker, this label was based in California and was indie. Some say that the music industry could be a intimidating business,'but Fearless Records ain't ever scared'. 
Fearless records became the launch pad for pop punk and rock artists very quickly. Artists include: The Aquabats, At the Drive-in and Plain White T's whose single "Hey There Delilah" topped the hot 100's in 2005. Even though Fearless Records keep it real with their pop and rock bands they developed a versatile roster, which included electro rockers, post-hardcore juggernauts and metalcore troupe.

I would choose Fearless Records for my artist because they have not only expanded their musical genre, but the independent record company also release Punk compilation series where the artists of different genres create their own interpretations of current hits from the pop, acoustic and even crunk genres. Fearless records embrace different sub genres and this has made them very successful. Since I have chosen pop rock as my genre I think that Fearless Records would be the most relevant one to choose since they focus on specific sub genres such as pop rock.

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