Thursday, 12 September 2013

McFly - 5 Colours in her Hair

The colourful setting matches the upbeat sound and the energetic dancing around the room. The pop side of this video is really coming through because of the dancing and colours. However the rock side is also coming through because all the energy is focuses around the band playing and resembles a concert. The high key lighting is important in this shot because it supports the young and free feel.

This shot has been carefully thought out because of the use of the rule of thirds. It is also a close up of the performer performing which is conventional in all music videos. The singer is making direct contact with the viewer because he's looking into the camera.

This shot explains the theme of the music video. What is shown relates to the lyrics, for example when they sing 'girl with five colours in her hair' it shows this girl with many colours in her hair watching TV. They have highlighted the fact that she is the girl they are singing about by making everything else grey and her stand out in colour. This could also relate to her having colourful hair. This effect also gives her significant and makes her look special, which again, links to the lyrics.

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