Monday, 9 September 2013

Goodwin's Theory

Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics- It was part of Goodwin's theory that music videos should be conventional and similar to other music videos with the same genre so they can create this reputation and be identified as a certain genre. For example a pop video would be upbeat and would involve dancing, especially music videos from the 80's. 

There is a relationship between the music and visuals-
this means that, where appropriate, the music will emphasis a certain moment or match what is going on in the video. The music and visuals will be connected in some way. 

There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals 
Illustrative- what we see in the video illustrates the liberal meaning or feeling of the lyrics. Therefore the viewer sees what is being sung about.

In the video "The way" by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller we can see that the performers are dressed as we would expect and the editing cuts to the beat. The lyrics to the song are about relationships and how they make you feel and throughout the video we can see a happy couple illustrating the lyrics.

"Last Friday Night" By Katy Perry shows a story throughout of a party atmosphere and shows what is being said. For example when the performer lip syncs the lyrics "pictures of last night ended up online"
 there was footage of her actually opening a laptop and looking as pictures online. 

Amplifying- This type of music video cuts to the beat and emphasizes a meaning which is within the theme of the song however is done in a more abstract way.

"Wide Awake" also by Katy Perry expresses her meaning in a much more abstract way. She uses symbolism in her video to represent messages. For example she used a strawberry when "sweet" was sung and we could also see sparks fly when the lyrics said 'letting go tonight' meaning she is breaking out of her shell. In the video we can see that the music still cuts to the beat and is much more creative with hidden meanings. 

Disjuncture- This type of music video cuts off the beat and the visuals shown do not relate to the lyrics.
Here we can see in "Da Funk" by Daft Punk that the dog mask has nothing to do with the music and the editing is off beat because it just cuts to show their conversation which is not conventional at all. This is not what we expected to see when we hear that music. 

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