Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Analysis of Questionnaire results

I put together some vox pops within a video in addition to our questionnaire to show what our audience would expect from a pop rock music video, what clothing they would expect to see and what their favourite element of a pop rock music video is. We asked many people these questions so we heard from different points of view and gathered more information.

Based on the audience research, I have come to the conclusion that I will incorporate the following into my music video:
- A mixture of boys and girls
- The whole band playing while the singers lip sync
- Black clothing such as skinny black jeans and a leather jacket
- Bright accessories
- A lively atmosphere
as this is what the target audience expect and want to see in a pop rock music video.

What the target audience liked best about pop rock music videos was the fact that it is expressive with the fats pace editing, different camera movements, shot types and how it gives an impression of rebelling. I would like to include these methods to help express a rebellious attitude in my video.

Below are the results from the questionnaire:

There were slightly more females than males that completed our questionnaires.  

The majority of the females that filled out the questionnaire were aged between 16-24.
The majority of males which took the questionnaire were aged between 16-24 also.

Out of everyone who filled out the questionnaire I selected all the people who said their favourite genre of music was pop rock, this also may prove that pop rock music is popular with young people since most people surveyed were young. I then looked at how they consumed music. YouTube and Spotify proved to be very popular with pop rock fans. The other most popular way they consume music is to buy it online. This also may be saying that pop rock music is popular with young people

I chose to display this information because the internet proved to be popular in the previous result. This is a chance to find out what magazine or website these pop rock fans use. This will help my research because I will then know which is most popular with pop rock fans and where is best to advertise. This pie chart records all the magazines and websites that pop rock fans use and I can see which ones got mentioned quite a lot. Super City was most popular followed by YouTube which are both websites, therefore we can already tell that the internet is used more than magazines by the pop rock fans. However the magazines mentioned, such as Bliss and People magazine are all for young audiences which makes sense since we've already established the majority of people surveyed were young. 

The internet has been proven to be the most popular overall when it comes to how pop rock fans consume music and how they find out about new music. The internet is also used the most by pop rock fan because pop rock is consumed by a young audience. Socialising with others was proven to be second most popular.

This is the questionnaire we gave out. It includes various questions about the audience in general, what sort of music they consume, what they thought about pop rock music, how they consume music and how they find out about new music. we also asked what music videos are their favourites so we can see what elements were popular in that video.

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