Monday, 2 September 2013

Conventions of a music video


  • The artist will usually appear in the music video
  • The song will be the soundtrack to the whole music video

  • Artists will usually lip-synch along with the lyrics

  • The artist will perform throughout, either dancing, playing an instrument or gesturing

  • There would normally be 3 or more locations which may change with each verse/ chorus and the costumes would match the locations.

  • There will usually be sections of the video filmed in the studio

  • Range of camera movements (tracks, cranes whip pans)

  • Close ups for the lip sync, mid/ long shots for performance and extreme close ups for cutaways

  • Wide range of shot types/ angles in each location for dynamic editing

  • High angles for a vulnerable, sexy look and low angles for a dominant look

  • Editing will cut to the beat

  • Montage editing

  • Slow motion effect to create a sexy or slick feel

  • The video will be based around a concept rather than a story
  • This concept will inter-cut with the performance 

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