Thursday, 27 February 2014

Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?


This video shows my target audience's response to my music video and ancillary texts. They answered question such as 'What do you think could be improved?' and 'What did you like the best?', so that i could get a feel for what needs to be the next step in terms of improving my music video and ancillary texts and what are the strengths within them. It also have me and my group a good feel for what the target audience expected from the pop rock genre and what was conventional.  

We improved the timing of the lip syncing because our feedback determined that the timing of the lip syncing was an area which needed to be improved. Here is an example of the lip syncing before: 

Here is what we did to improve the lip syncing: 

We added more of the drummer because our target audience wanted to see more of the drumming:

Our target audience also said that the editing was relatable to other music videos because the pace increased when it got closer to the chorus. I decided to make the pace faster and keep cutting to different locations and scenarios such as the stop motion, narrative and performance shots based on this feedback. 

Something our target audience said they wanted more of was narrative, therefore we spent more time to enhance our narrative by using green screen technology to incorporate the photo frame:

I worked on the advertisement and added more features like twitter and facebook symbols and links to appeal to my target audience more. I also adjusted the colour and size of some of the elements on the advertisement to create a bigger impact. Here is the end product for the advertisement: 

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