Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nickelback - How You Remind Me

Straight from the beginning cross-cutting occurs. The cross-cutting shows the band performing then cuts to the idea of a relationship. The theme of relationships occur throughout the video which is conventional because there is a story to tell through the music. The lighting is dark and has a blue tone which supports the rock, rebellious attitude and behavior of the band.

In this segment the clips cut to the beat as we hear a much stronger rhythm. We also see more mid shots of the main singer performing and long shots of the whole band. There is an increase in the amount of cuts because the pace of editing increases when it comes to the chorus of the song.

The slow motion effect gives the woman a sexy feel and the low angle adds to her status. The brightening of the scene connotates that he has found the right girl as she is coming towards him and contrasts with the dull atmosphere there was before. The slow motion also helps to express his low mood and miserable facial expression. I can tell he looks miserable by his body language, he is staring at the ground while walking through rain.

The band playing in front of an audience is very conventional of a rock music video because they're adding to the lively behavior by all jumping around and doing what they want.

Finally we can see there are a lot of shots at the end where the main singer and woman are starting straight through the camera and into the viewers eyes. This makes it more personal to the audience and create a connection with the viewer.

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